Fugitive Emissions Course

One-day education program designed to jump-start your career or provide a refresher fugitive emissions pertaining to valves.

What topics are covered?

The history of fugitive emissions testing

  • Terms and definitions
  • Industry practices and implementation
  • Types of equipment
  • Manufacturing process improvements
  • Packing Manufacturer’s Fugitive Emission “Best Available Control Technology (BACT)
  • Improvements for the future
  • Problems, installation and maintenance

What do attendees receive?

  • Certificate of completion
  • Lunch, snacks and drink
  • Fugitive Emissions Workbook with notes from the course
  • Print copy of Valve World Americas journal
  • Digital subscription to Valve World Americas journal

Who is the Fugitive Emissions Course for?

  • Professionals looking for a generalized outline of fugitive emissions testing, standards and related topics
  • Anyone looking to renew and update their knowledge base on this subject
  • Anyone interested in expanding their understanding of LDAR, EPA requirements and testing procedures, and equipment used in mitigating fugitive emissions
  • New professionals in the valve industry without a technical or engineering background

There are currently no courses available.

For questions, please contact Lindsay Jackson at l.jackson@kci-world.com