James Walker New Valve Stem Packing

01 November 2021

Equipment leaks from valve glands are considered to account for approximately 50-60% of the fugitive emissions on petrochemical sites. Furthermore, the major proportion of fugitive emissions comes from only a small fraction of the sources. For example, less than 5% of valves in gas/vapour service can account for more than 90% of the fugitive emissions in a refinery.

James Walker has developed two products - Supagraf® Premier and Supagraf® Control - specifically to combat fugitive VOC emissions from valves. These products have proven themselves to be class-leaders in a series of third party fugitive emissions performance tests are best available technique (BAT) products for reducing industry’s fugitive emissions in line with the latest Industrial Emissions Directive.

James Walker fugitive emission control packings have been tested and delivered proven performance to the most exacting industry standards and end-user requirements:
API 622
ISO 15848-1 Class AH CO3
ISO 15848-1 Class BH CC3
TA Luft Rev07.2002
Shell Spec SPE 77/312 Class A
Shell Spec SPE 77/312 Class B
API 607 Edition 4 fire safety
Shell MESC SPE 85/204

Courtesy of James Walker.