Bosch to Cut All Emissions by Next Year

07 August 2019

Robert Bosch GmbH announced a sweeping plan to completely eliminate emissions that will impact 400 sites worldwide. The company intends to become carbon neutral by next year, starting a race for companies to start using more green power, ramp up energy savings and offset emissions.  

The Stuttgart-based company has promised to cut 3.3 million tons of carbon emissions, said Chief Executive Officer Volkmar Denner in a speech. "Climate change is not science fiction,” the CEO continued. “Driving bans, diesel protests, yellow vests, and  climate strikes -- all this shows that companies need to take climate action.”

Denner did not mention how much Bosch’s initiative would cost. Bosch currently spends about half of its $8 billion research and development budget on environment-linked technologies.

Image Caption: On the assembly line inside a Robert Bosch GmbH manufacturing plant. Photo credit: Akos Stiller/Bloomberg.