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Reliability is the Future

With 23-years of maintenance and reliability management experience in the chemical industry, Alex Chen has a unique opinion on reliability. Comparing the reliability of equipment to the lifespan of humans,...
10 January 2022
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Zero Leak Valve System Helps Reduce Methane Emissions

Industrial technology company ZL Innovations, creators of the "Zero Leak, Zero Emissions, Zero Maintenance" magnetic circuit-based valve system, has introduced sustainable magnetic valve technology as...
06 December 2021
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Mokveld Introduces the First True Zero Emission Valve

Reducing fugitive emissions is a top priority in the battle against climate change. That is why Dutch company Mokveld Valves BV is introducing a unique zero emission innovation - the world’s first valve...
03 December 2021
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DarkPulse Fugitive Methane Emissions Detection Services

Dark Pulse, Inc., a technology company focused on the manufacture, sale, installation, and monitoring of laser sensing systems based on its patented BOTDA dark-pulse sensor technology (the “DarkPulse ...
02 December 2021
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Outokumpu Deal on Cargo Vessels Reduces CO2 Emissions

Outokumpu signed a new deal on three cargo vessels with Langh Ship to reduce CO2 emissions in transports. Outokumpu has agreed with its long-term transport partner, Finnish shipping company Langh Ship...
01 December 2021
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TC Energy Releases GHG Emissions Reduction Plan

TC Energy Corporation announced the release of its 2021 Report on Sustainability, ESG Data Sheet, and GHG Emissions Reduction Plan. Together, these reports provide a comprehensive overview of the Company’s...
30 November 2021
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SCF Ventures Announces Investment in Qube Technologies

SCF Ventures (“SCFV”) announced its investment in Qube Technologies (“Qube”), a provider of continuous emissions monitoring technology that enables oil and gas operators to better detect, measure, and...
29 November 2021
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Range Resources Publishes Updated Sustainability Report

Range Resources Corporation announced the publication of an updated Corporate Sustainability Report. The 2020-2021 Corporate Sustainability Report provides a detailed insight into Range’s approach, ac...
26 November 2021
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EPA Awards over $77 Million for Emissions Reduction

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced over $77 million in grants awarded to projects that reduce diesel emissions from the nation’s existing fleet of older, dirtier engines, and vehicles,...
25 November 2021
UAE announces Net Zero by 2050 strategic initiative

UAE announces Net Zero by 2050 strategic initiative

The United Arab Emirates has announced the UAE Net Zero by 2050 Strategic Initiative, a national drive to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, making the UAE the first Middle East and North Africa (MENA)...
26 October 2021