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Bp and Oman Form Strategic Partnership

Bp and the Ministry of Energy and Minerals in Oman today signed a Strategic Framework Agreement (SFA) and a Renewables Data Collection Agreement which will support the potential development of a multiple...
31 January 2022
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Quantum Sensing System for Pipeline Leak Detection

Raphael Pooser is a physicist looking to change the way operators detect leakage in pipelines, specifically by modifying the light source within existing systems. The result is the Quantum Sensing System,...
28 January 2022
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DarkPulse Fugitive Source Methane Emissions Detection

Dark Pulse, Inc., a technology company focused on the manufacture, sale, installation, and monitoring of laser sensing systems based on its patented BOTDA dark-pulse sensor technology (the “DarkPulse ...
17 January 2022
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Osperity Launches Fugitive Emissions Monitoring System

From natural gas extraction to petrochemical operations and power generation, companies benefit greatly by relying on optical gas imaging (OGI) technology for inspection and maintenance. Leaks and fugitive...
17 January 2022
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Hitachi Achieves CDP's "Grade A" Score

Hitachi Ltd. has been awarded the highest score of "Grade A" by global environmental nonprofit charity CDP, in the categories of climate change and water security. CDP evaluated Hitachi's pioneering initiatives...
14 January 2022
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Eaton Secures U.S. Department of Energy Grant

Power management company Eaton announced its Vehicle Group has secured a $2.4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop new technologies to reduce emissions from agricultural equipment....
13 January 2022
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Gunvor Invests in Renewable Natural Gas Business

Gunvor Group (“Gunvor”), one of the largest physical natural gas, LNG and commodities trading houses worldwide, has agreed to make an equity investment in a PIPE supporting a business combination between...
13 January 2022
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Is Optical Gas Imaging the Next Leak Detection Tool?

With the ever-changing economy and concerns of global warming, many modifications to manufacturing and process industries already have and are about to take place; several of which will be initiated and...
12 January 2022
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Steri-Tech Chose Picarro-Based Ethylene Oxide Solution

Steri-Tech, Inc. (Steri-Tech), a Puerto Rican corporation founded in 1986 that specializes in contract sterilization of medical devices with ethylene oxide EtO including validation services, has chosen...
12 January 2022
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Mirico Joins Consortium on Methane Emissions Regulation

With the Global Methane Pledge launched at COP26 and new regulation being developed to cover Europe, Mirico’s methane emissions monitoring solution was showcased as part of an EU led project by Enagás...
11 January 2022