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Valve World Americas Expo 2021 Plans

For over a decade, Valve World Americas Expo & Conference has continued to grow, establishing itself as the largest valve event and flow control educator in North America. Throughout 2020, Valve World...
26 March 2021
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Sensor promises lower cost Methane detection

Teams from Princeton University and the U.S. Naval Research Lab have developed a new sensor that detects methane in low concentrations. This new sensor relies on an interband cascade light-emitting device...
25 March 2021
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US EPA extends deadlines for Refiners on Biofuels

The U.S.EPA finalized a rule to extend the renewable fuel standard (RFS) program’s compliance deadlines for 2019 and 2020. Under the extended deadlines, obligated parties must submit 2020 compliance d...
24 March 2021
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Velan ABV Wins Bando Regione Toscana for Carbon Capture

Velan ABV was recently awarded “R&D Strategic projects” for the Carbon Capture and Storage project. Velan ABV, in partnership with innovative startups investing in High-tech sector, took over the role...
23 March 2021
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Coming Soon? A New OGI Protocol for Refineries

In a world that patiently awaits a full return to life as we previously knew it, a potential regulatory blockbuster that could forever change the LDAR industry is getting ready to come out. This coming...
19 March 2021
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Canada on track to build carbon trading marketplace

Canada moves closer to building a nationwide marketplace to trade carbon credits as part of the Trudeau government’s aim to curb greenhouse gas emissions in the country.The federal government released...
17 March 2021
SNC-Lavalin, net zero, carbon capture and storage, ghg, emissions, hydrogen, Canada

SNC-Lavalin's Blueprint to Net Zero

SNC-Lavalin has focused its attention on the objective to transition the Canadian economy towards a net zero Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions target by 2050. The report, Engineering Net Zero (Canada), provides...
16 March 2021
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Circor Launches App to Access Data Remotely

Circor International has launched CircorSmart, a mobile app designed for use by operators of a variety of Circor products. Using QR codes and NFC technology, the app accesses essential and specific product...
16 March 2021
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Emerson Digital Suite for Monitoring Corrosion&Erosion

Emerson introduced a complete corrosion and erosion monitoring portfolio with digital capabilities and full integration with the Plantweb™ digital ecosystem through the new Rosemount™ 4390 series of corrosion...
15 March 2021
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Beyond Limits' AI app to detect utility leaks

Beyond Limits, an industrial and enterprise-grade AI technology company built for the most demanding sectors, announced it will be expanding its artificial intelligence (AI) offerings to include sensor...
12 March 2021