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Viper Imaging LeakFindIR for Industry

Viper is pleased to announce broadened capabilities for industrial gas leak detection. Viper's complete line of solutions solve a host of problems that exist in today’s heavy industrial environments. Gas...
18 May 2021
Live Valve World webinar on Counterfeiting

Live Valve World webinar on Counterfeiting

Valve World will organize a live webinar on the 31st of May on counterfeiting. This session, moderated by Alexander Gangnus (see image, Dennemeyer Consulting), will address this challenge from various...
17 May 2021
MIRICO, MIRICO CLOUD,methane, fugitive emissions,emission control, fugitive emission standards, methane emissions, emission monitoring, environmental practices, refining

MIRICO CLOUD for visual monitoring of Methane

MIRICO announced the public release of MIRICO CLOUD to the oil & gas industry. This online platform enables real-time visualization of emissions data collected from their high precision gas sensing...
12 May 2021
Cheniere Energy, Sempra, CCS, carbon capture, LNG, liquied natural gas, natural gas, Texas oil field, refining, emission control, fugitive emissions, Texas

Cheniere Energy & Sempra to add CCS to LNG

Cheniere Energy and Sempra Energy, two of the largest American exporters of liquefied natural gas, announced they are looking to add carbon capture and sequestration capabilities to their projects.Sempra...
10 May 2021
ABB, drones, HoverGuard, leak detection, gas leaks, fugitive emissions, emission control, refining, sensors, greenhouse gases, GHG

ABB launches HoverGuard multi-gas monitoring solution

Pipelines often cross inaccessible terrain to supply industrial and domestic gas. Operators of these networks must ensure the safety, integrity and reliability of their pipelines but accurate detection...
05 May 2021
Emerson, scholarship, engineering, STEM, awards, ASCO Engineering Scholarship Program, US Engineering, students

Emerson's 2021 ASCO Engineering Scholarship Program

Emerson reminds U.S. college students to apply, by May 31, to its 2021 ASCO Engineering Scholarship Program.The merit-based scholarships reward excellence in education and service, and the potential for...
04 May 2021
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Asset Integrity Management Systems: Butterfly Valves

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is natural gas in a liquid form that is clear, colorless, odorless, non-corrosive and non-toxic. It is produced when natural gas is cooled to minus 259°F (-161.66°C) through...
04 May 2021
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Outokumpu commits to more stringent climate target

Outokumpu, a world-leading stainless steel manufacturer, has updated its sustainability strategy and aims to become the industry benchmark for sustainability. The company commits to the Business Ambition...
03 May 2021
Chesterton, Chesterton Connect, Chesterton Connect™, sensor, equipment maintenance, refining, mechanical seals, valve sealing, valves

New Chesterton Connect 24/7 equipment sensor

Chesterton, a leader in equipment sealing and reliability, has released its next IoT innovation​ – an easy-to-install sensor and app that helps industrial teams increase uptime of rotating equipment.Chesterton...
03 May 2021
KLINGER Eco-Seal gasket

KLINGER Eco-Seal gasket

KLINGER UK introduces the KLINGER Eco-Seal spiral wound gasket: A new standard in sustainability for the oil and gas industry. The Eco-Seal spiral wound gasket offers superior leakage performance for flange...
03 May 2021