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Chevron, 2019 Corporate Sustainability Report

Chevron Releases 2019 Corporate Sustainability Report

In the Chevron 2019 Corporate Sustainability Report, it is highlighted how their people, partnership and performance further humanity’s ability to thrive. Highlights include: - The innovative and...
14 July 2020
StackVision 6.11 R1, ESC Spectrum, air emissions, software

StackVision 6.11 R1 for Industrial Air Emission Sources

ESC | Spectrum, provider of industry-leading products and services for customers in the electric power and petroleum industries, is excited to announce the release of StackVision 6.11 R1. StackVision is...
13 July 2020
Siemens, SITRANS store IQ Smart Monitoring App

Siemens SITRANS store IQ Smart Monitoring App

Siemens offers customers the ability to make both process measurements, and to remotely monitor the activity and health of instrumentation, using a SCADA, PLC or DCS system, or otherwise.Siemens...
10 July 2020
Expand Your Fugitive Emissions Knowledge and Network

Expand Your Fugitive Emissions Knowledge and Network

As the reduction of fugitive emissions becomes a more prominent goal for the industrial sectors within North, South and Central America, the Fugitive Emissions Summit Americas 2020 will be the ideal meeting...
10 July 2020
Atlas Copco, SmartLink 2.0

Smart Link 2.0 for Easy IoT-Driven Air Insights

Atlas Copco has released a new version of its SmartLink remote monitoring system, the SmartLink 2.0, that gives air users complete, easily actionable IoT- driven insights, in addition to data, and early...
09 July 2020
NevadoNano, Blackline Safety, sensors, gas detection, monitoring, TrueLEL

NevadaNano Modernizes Gas Detection Systems

NevadaNano announced its partnership with Blackline Safety Corp. to modernize combustible gas detection systems in a range of industries, ensuring the safety of workers. NevadaNano’s signature line of...
08 July 2020
refining, oil and gas, EHS

STP ComplianceEHS Releases New EHS O&G Protocols

STP ComplianceEHS (STP) has released new environmental, health and safety (EHS) audit protocols for Ontario and Alberta Oil and Petroleum Refining. These audit protocols cover relevant federal and provincial...
07 July 2020
LDARtools, Brownie celebration, phx42

LDARtools Celebrates 11th Brownie Celebration

On June 18, 2020, LDARtools announced there were no phx21 or phx42 in the repair lab. This marks the fourth Brownie celebration since the release of the phx42.The phx42 is the latest FID analyzer...
06 July 2020
USA, July 4, happy independence day

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day to our American friends and colleagues from Fugitive Emissions Journal!The United States of America commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776,...
03 July 2020
sustainability, emission control, Dow

Dow's 2025 Sustainability Goals Reduce Emissions

Dow Chemical has announced it will reduce carbon emissions, make products reusable or recyclable, and increase recycling with the goal of being carbon neutral by 2050.As part of the company's 2025 sus...
02 July 2020